Quality Assurance Made Simple

Measuring and documenting the performance of your cleaning or sanitation operations is essential to providing top level service and running at peak efficiency.  CompuClean® , by Spartan Chemical provides a powerful, mobile platform to perform on site inspections of your operations using your smart phone or tablet.  Check out the video below to see how […]

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Three Common Floor Care Mistakes

Pity the industrial and institutional purchasing agents who must choose floor care products for a hospital. Increase that challenge to a university campus like UCLA with 44,000+ students. Ratchet it up one more to an airport—say Atlanta International with more than 100 million passengers in 2016. While you might think buyers know what floor care […]

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Fighting Flu Saves Lives

Although most people associate flu season with winter, the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) weekly summary shows that there are verified (laboratory tested) cases of the flu even as early as the spring. Regardless of when it comes, the flu makes people feel lousy. It also costs our economy billions of dollars and leads to […]

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How Green is Your Laundry?

Over the past several years, the idea of “Green Cleaning” has become an important concept in our marketplace.  “Green Cleaning” refers to the use of cleaning products and services that reduce the overall health and environmental impact compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.  A green approach to cleaning has not […]

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Behind the Eight Ball: Can We Afford Not to Document and Measure?

When we attend facilities maintenance conferences, we hear the same question: “How do we keep our clients’ buildings clean when we are faced with rising costs, dwindling budgets, and typically high personnel turnover rates associated with our industry?” Whether it’s a school district, healthcare chain, or building services contractor, the laments indicate managers are behind […]

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We All Love Great Tasting Beer!

Craft breweries are becoming more and more popular and this year the growth rate of craft breweries actually outpaced that of commercial breweries. According to FastCasual magazine, it was estimated that craft beer revenue has grown at an annualized rate of 19 percent to $4.2 billion over the last five years and forecasts put the […]

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