How Green is Your Laundry?

Over the past several years, the idea of “Green Cleaning” has become an important concept in our marketplace.  “Green Cleaning” refers to the use of cleaning products and services that reduce the overall health and environmental impact compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.  A green approach to cleaning has not […]

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Behind the Eight Ball: Can We Afford Not to Document and Measure?

When we attend facilities maintenance conferences, we hear the same question: “How do we keep our clients’ buildings clean when we are faced with rising costs, dwindling budgets, and typically high personnel turnover rates associated with our industry?” Whether it’s a school district, healthcare chain, or building services contractor, the laments indicate managers are behind […]

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We All Love Great Tasting Beer!

Craft breweries are becoming more and more popular and this year the growth rate of craft breweries actually outpaced that of commercial breweries. According to FastCasual magazine, it was estimated that craft beer revenue has grown at an annualized rate of 19 percent to $4.2 billion over the last five years and forecasts put the […]

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Water Reuse, Odor Control, and Compliance for Today’s Car Washes

Recycling, cleaning, and reusing water in today’s commercial car wash facilities solves the problem of operating under water restriction laws and makes financial sense for both commercial and fleet car and truck wash facilities. Today, legislation mandates lower water use, and some state laws require new car washes to reuse fifty percent of their water […]

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Public Enemy Number One

Two focus points of food sanitation are protecting your brand and controlling the perpetual concerns of biofilm, listeria, and now drain maintenance. According to a 2016 article published in Time, the FDA recalled more than 300-million total food items, and USDA issued recalls for more than 60-million pounds of food. In many of these instances, […]

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