Water Reuse, Odor Control, and Compliance for Today’s Car Washes

Recycling, cleaning, and reusing water in today’s commercial car wash facilities solves the problem of operating under water restriction laws and makes financial sense for both commercial and fleet car and truck wash facilities. Today, legislation mandates lower water use, and some state laws require new car washes to reuse fifty percent of their water (carwash.com). Some local codes compel water reuse as well.

Pluses: Recycling systems can be expected to reduce fresh water usage between 40 and 90 percent. For that reason, a well-functioning water reclaim system offers multiple benefits to the car wash owner by creating long-term sustainability, establishing the business as an environmentally friendly entity in the community and lowering waste disposal bills.

Minuses: As organic soils build up in the wastewater, spoiling and decomposition create odors that can be very unpleasing to customers. This is especially true in the summer months when warm weather contributes to the decomposition, which in turn heightens the intensity of such odors.

Compliance: Many states also have regulations about water treatment and the downstream impact of wastewaters. As an example, car washes in Fairfax County, Virginia must comply with the wastewater discharge and plumbing requirements preventing untreated vehicle wash water from entering the sewer system. This also requires car wash facilities to install a county-approved water recycling system.

Solutions: Recycling that creates odors and wastewater compliance laws all add complexity and higher costs to running car washes. There are answers: Spartan Chemical Company’s Consume® LIQ and Consume® POW biological products can help make the water recycling system more efficient by naturally removing organic soils, which in turn reduces the odors in a water recycling system. Specifically, routine application of Consume® LIQ reduces Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). By doing so, it can reduce the volume of sludge and costs associated with disposal. Consume® POW digesters speed up the process of organic soils and difficult compounds including phenols and cellulose, saving time. POW improves system stability, lowering maintenance needs, saving both time and money.

Consume® products, can also save business owners thousands of dollars by avoiding citations for sending inadequately treated water into the waste stream; but also, reusing water means reducing the overall quantity of water for which vehicle-wash owner/operators are billed.

Spartan Chemical offers a complete line of vehicle care products for all your car wash operation needs. To learn more about Xtreme Vehicle Care, go to www.spartanchemical.com/solutions/vehicle-care/.

Author: John Schauff, Director of Government Services & Training for Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

One thought on “Water Reuse, Odor Control, and Compliance for Today’s Car Washes

  1. We have the same challenge here in Brazil, inspite of great water reserves. Carwashing will be foverer a need, therefore high quality products and solutions are key for future. Congratulations!


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